Can’t You See – Supplemental to the Folk Song of the Week

After my most recent Folk Song of the Week I had a couple of comments about my chosen key being difficult for many folks to sing. In response I posted a supplemental version where I transposed the key down G to make it easier on people. I also give a little guidance (which I will expand upon later) on singing challenging keys by taking high notes down an octave or bringing the sung note down to another note in the chord). Sometimes this is called, “faking it.” 🙂

I will be teaching a workshop on singing in the next Maryland Folk Musicians Retreat

Responding to another request I’ve also created a little chord chart showing the D, C and G in the original version, and which strings/frets I hammered on to create a little complexity to the chords.

The word Arpeggio literally means “play the harp,” but as a musical term it refers to playing the individual notes of a chord rather than the full chord. It’s a technique I use on guitar all the time, but it’s easier because there are more strings and thus more notes. You hold a chord and play the strings one right after the other. On banjo an Arpeggio is more challenging — you need to double up and get multiple notes from each string in order to get a similar feel.

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